Year: 2019-Present
Type: iOS app

Project roles:
• UI and icon design
• Xcode implementation and Swift programming

I use the time-tracking service Toggl to track my time on various things. Originally, I used various Workflow workflows to interface with the Toggl API, but I eventually outgrew them, so I made Timery.

I’m responsible for the whole app: the UI, the icons, the code, and more. Everything except the actual time-tracking service (thank you, Toggl, for your robust API!).

Here’s Timery:



From starting favorite timers with one tap to managing time entries, projects, and tags to using Siri and Shortcuts to automate tasks, my goal was to make time tracking with Toggl easy.

That started with allowing users to save their most used Toggl timers and start them with one tap.

saved timers

Time entries for the past week can be managed, duplicate entries started, and new entries manually added.

time entries

Managing time entries includes being able to edit the project, description, tags, and start & stop times.

edit time entry

Time entries aren’t the only thing that can be managed in Timery. Projects, tasks, and tags can be managed as well.

edit project

Timery also has a widget which displays as many saved timers as can fit along with the currently running time entry.


I think Siri Shortcuts in iOS 13 with input parameters and output details are such a powerful tool for automating workflows and reducing friction in doing things on iOS, so Timery has a suite of shortcuts to do things with Siri and Shortcuts including starting & adding time entries, checking times logged today & this week, checking & stopping the current time entry, and more.



Timery started as an app for me, but I’m so pleased to hear how it’s helped so many others besides me.

And I’m so appreciative of the press it’s received: Timery has been featured on MacStories, AppStories, Connected, Cortex, and Upgrade.

For the 2019 MacStories Selects awards, Timery was named Best New App.

“What sets Timery apart from other time tracking utilities is the unique combination of developer Hribar’s understanding of the needs of Toggl users and his embrace of modern iOS and iPadOS technologies. Timery isn’t just a more customizable Toggl client with advanced features […]; it’s also an exemplary iOS and iPadOS citizen that showcases what great iOS and iPad apps should offer in 2019. […]

“[…It’s] not often that a new app manages to go beyond mere professional intrigue and actually change the way we get work done. Timery is one such app”.
Federico Viticci, MacStories

Timery was selected as Best Newcomer iOS App and as a runner up for Best iOS App for the 2019 Upgradies awards.

“It’s been an application in really great consistent development throughout the entire year. The developer, Joe, does a wonderful job of integrating feedback from users and advancing the application in a bunch of ways.”

“It is an application that I use all day every day. When I am working, Timery is running. It’s absolutely fantastic, and I love it.”
Myke Hurley, Upgrade

“…for flexible, frictionless time tracking, you can’t beat Timery. The app has been on my Home screen for months now and gets a workout seven days a week.”
“With saved timers, easy access to recent timers, a Today widget, and Siri shortcuts, Timery makes starting and stopping timers second nature.”
John Voorhees, MacStories

“Timery has had a significant impact on the way I work every day. Whether or not you track time for billing purposes, Timery is a valuable tool for anyone curious about how they spend their time. As a result, I’m glad to see it continue to be refined with the latest frameworks and APIs.”
John Voorhees, MacStories

On Timery’s Shortcuts support: “It’s just a million times easier than it used to be trying to put together URL schemes [to use the Toggl API].”
“It means I can build shortcuts on my own again without needing to try and work out how the API works.”
CGP Grey & Myke Hurley, Cortex


Timery is available on the App Store.

You can visit Timery on the web at timeryapp.com and follow @timeryapp on Twitter.