Partly Sunny

Year: 2016-Present
Type: iOS app

Project roles:
• UI and icon design
• Xcode implementation and Swift programming

Learning Apple’s Swift language and how to build iOS apps was something I had wanted to do for a while, so I set out to do it. And I did it. It was both a fun and rewarding challenge.

To bring together everything I learned, I built a weather app—not because the App Store didn’t already have enough of them but because the apps I liked didn’t do exactly what I wanted them to do. So I made my own because now I could, and I’ve been updating it since. I’m responsible for the entire app: the UI, the icons, the lines and lines of code. Everything except the meteorology (Dark Sky does that part).

Meet Partly Sunny:



Partly Sunny shows your weather in quick glances and detailed looks.

Locations List
Quick glances of what’s happening in the sky at your current location and your favorite locations.


Location Details
Detailed looks at what’s happening throughout the hour, the day, and the week at your locations.

location details

The Week Ahead
Swipe up in location details for a daily chart plotting the week’s forecast. Tap any day for a detailed forecast.

week ahead


Partly Sunny Club
One of the big updates was to introduce a monthly or yearly subscription that unlocks more functionality: interactive radar, pull-to-refresh, yesterday’s weather, time machine, more saved locations, and custom app icons.

partly sunny club


Dark Mode
Toggle manually in the app’s settings or with a handy gesture. Or toggle automatically based on your device’s screen brightness or your selected location’s sunrise and sunset times.

dark mode


And some more features:

Hourly Graphs
Tap on any hourly graph and choose to plot temperature, chance of precipitation, cloud cover, humidity, UV index, wind, or more.

hourly graph

Precipitation-Intensity Graph
For U.S. & U.K. locations, precipitation-intensity graph for the next hour will appear when it’s raining or snowing.

rain graph

Partly Sunny includes a widget to show both a quick glance and a detailed look at your selected location’s forecast.



While you may not always enjoy the weather, hopefully you enjoy checking the weather with Partly Sunny.

You can visit Partly Sunny on the web at and follow @partlysunnyapp on Twitter.

Partly Sunny is available on the App Store.